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Gas Turbine Capital Parts

EUENERJI  Co, is able to supply following Gas Turbines Capital Spare Parts based on his partners technical, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and deliver to…

Gas Turbine Air Intake Fillters

EUENERJI  Co, is active in the region as representative of Eagle Filters Co. from Finland, who is one of the well -known manufacturer of GT Air Intake Filters and…

Water Treatment

EUENERJI  Co, By using well known companies capabilities in the water industry, is monitoring the available potential projects in the field of water treatment plants, sewage treatment …

Electromotors System

EUENERJI  Co,is able to provide more than 3000 products in the field of Electro Motors and Excitation system: A wide range of Electro Motors from 0.25 to 20 MW, generators to…

Petrochemical Product

EUENERJI  Co, is capable to support his client in Power and Oil & Gas industries by supplying standard and best quality petrochemical products, based on their requirement.

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